What needs to be taken into account?

Check on your invoice how long your current contract is valid (when can you change, under what terms?).

  • Check what costs are invoiced in case of termination of the contract and ask for written confirmation of the information obtained orally.
  • An operator is not allowed to charge anything for the termination of a contract if:
    • you have a permanent contract (specified on your invoice)
    • your fixed-term contract has been valid for at least six months.

The date from which you do not have to pay compensation if you terminate your fixed-term contract appears on your bill.

You are entitled to choose the moment when your contract expires (even immediately). If you do not indicate when your contract ends, the operator can force you to observe the periods of notice laid down in the general terms and conditions.

  • The cancellation charges must not exceed the subscription fee still due until the end of the sixth month following the commencement of the contract.
  • Attention: In case your operator has provided you with a free or bargain price piece of equipment and you have signed a fixed-term contract, your operator is allowed to demand compensation in accordance with the residual value of the appliance, even if you break the contract only after six months. The residual value of the equipment should be stated in a repayment table annexed to the contract. In that table the residual value of that equipment for each month of the fixed-term contract's duration should be stated. Each month the same amount should be subtracted from the residual value of that equipment.


You have entered into a 12 month contract. When you signed the contract, you “bought” the appliance for € 1.
The repayment table annexed to the contract is shown below:  


Residual value


€ 120


€ 110


€ 100


€ 90


€ 80


€ 70


€ 60


€ 50


€ 40


€ 30


€ 20


€ 10


€ 0

You decide to terminate the contract after 8 months.
The operator can demand a compensation of € 40.

  • Please check the technical terms of the new subscription (free modem or not, rented or bought, other technical installation with or without a technician's visit, free?).
  • Check whether the quality of the new subscription meets your needs: connection speed, bandwidth, downloadable data volume (limited or not).
  • Check whether the maximum speed announced by the operator applies to your address (in some places the maximum speed can never be reached because of the distance to the operator's network switch).
  • Verify whether the quality of service promised meets your needs (repair times in case of a failure, intrusion and virus protection, helpdesk, etc.).
  • Check whether the price, service and quality fulfil your needs. Visit the website www.besttariff.be
  • Inform your correspondents of your change of e-mail address.
    Note: If the address contains the domain name of the operator you leave, you can ask your previous service provider to maintain your old address for another 18 months. The Internet providers have concluded an agreement in that sense. If the Easy Switch procedure applies to your operator transfer, your new operator will introduce the request to preserve your email address for 18 months.
  • Some information can be found in the new operator's general terms and conditions provided to you before you sign the contract and which can also be consulted on his website or which are available from the customer service.

NB: When switching to another fixed operator (Internet, television or bundled offer including at least one of these services), the Easy Switch procedure applies by default : you give your new operator a mandate to take all the necessary steps for you.

If you only transfer certain services of a bundled offer or if you move, you must contact the new provider, sign a contract with him and terminate the contract with the operator you are leaving.