Licence-exempt equipment

Under certain conditions certain applications are allowed to function without a licence. Examples are PMR 446 or DPMR 446 equipment. For a complete view please consult the list of licence-exempt applications. 


Only PMR 446 or DPMR 446 equipment is exempt. The other equipment is liable to licence. Indeed, the 433.05 to 434.790 MHz band is not allowed to be used for voice applications.

Wireless microphones:

Wireless microphones with a maximum effective radiated power of 50 mW in the following frequency bands:

  • 202-209 MHz,
  • 518-526 MHz,
  • 534-542 MHz,
  • 854-862 MHz; in this band new equipment must not be marketed in Belgium anymore;
  • 863-865 MHz,
  • 1795-1800 MHz.