Terms of use

Radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment may only be placed (= sold) on the Belgian (and European) market if it complies with all legal requirements.

All radio and telecommunications terminal equipment should at least bear the CE marking in the known form as illustrated below: 
Logo CE
If the use of certain radio equipment is subject to restrictions (need for an individual licence or if the use is not allowed in certain European countries or regions) the CE marking should also include an alert sign. That alert sign takes the following form.logowarning
The alert sign warns users that the radio equipment cannot be used inconsiderately. Users should take account of any limitations.

Further information about those restrictions should be available on the packaging and in the manual.

Radio equipment
makes use of radio frequencies (spectrum). Examples are: mobile phones (GSM, …), satellite terminals, PMR equipment, CB equipment, marine telephones, broadcast transmitters, radio pagers, cordless telephones, radio-relay links, short range devices (Bluetooth applications, remote control, garage door openers, crane operation, wireless alarm), microphones, wireless LANs, wireless data transmission, remote controlled toys, ….; in short any kind of equipment containing a transmitter and/or a receiver.

Telecommunications terminal equipment
is equipment intended to be connected to an interface of a public telecommunications network. Public telecommunications networks are both the public GSM networks and the regular public analogue or digital telephone and data networks. Examples are: telephones, answering machines, modems, telephone exchanges, GSM equipment (at the same time radio equipment), ...