Regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services

European rules provide better insight into parcel tariffs.

The European Commission wishes to promote the internal market and thus to facilitate the online purchase and sale of products in other European countries for consumers (in this case both private users and SMEs). By gaining insight into the tariffs of cross-border parcel transport consumers are helped to make informed choices. 

Therefore the Commission has decided that consumers should have a better insight into those tariffs of parcel transporters. The new European rules also force web shops to inform consumers prior to a purchase about available delivery options, cost of delivery and complaint procedures. 

As the national regulator in Belgium BIPT supervises the information made available by those registered parcel transporters. The information provided by the parcel transporters will be published by the European Commission on a specific website, where information about tariffs for cross-border parcel transport in other European countries shall be available as well. That link and tariff information will also be available on the BIPT website.


Transporters providing parcel delivery services to and from one or more European Member States must register with BIPT this year, if they employed 50 or more people during the past year (including subcontractors) or if they are established in several EU countries. In order to register they can use the form on the BIPT website. Parcel delivery services are not restricted to transport and distribution of items, but also include clearance and sorting.

Communicating information

Each year, parcel transporters have to provide BIPT with data on their tariffs for single-piece items on the one hand and statistical information on the other (such as volumes and turnovers achieved, subcontractors, etc). 

The tariffs of 1 January 2019 have to be provided by 31 January 2019 via a specific page. 

The parcel transporters will have to provide the other data regarding 2018 during the first half of 2019. BIPT gathers those data electronically by way of an annual questionnaire in the context of the postal observatory.

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