Frequency plan


Information regarding the Belgian frequency plan is published in the national frequency allocation table. The purpose of this document is to provide the public with information about the use of the spectrum in Belgium. This is a living document that will regularly be revised.

Radio equipment that is commercialized and destined to be used in Belgium shall conform to the Belgian frequency plan.

The national frequency allocation table is composed of four columns, comprising the following information:

  • Column 1: Frequency Band

This column indicates the frequency band referred to in that row of the table.

  • Column 2:

This column indicates the civil/military sharing for each frequency band in Belgium.


 Civil band


 Shared band


Military band

  • Column 3: Allocations

This column indicates the allocations for each frequency band in Belgium. An allocation regards the use of a frequency band for a radio communications service as laid down by the International Telecommunication Union.

  • Column 4: Applications

This column indicates the applications authorised in Belgium for each frequency band.